Our Principal's Message

Principal's Desk

The future belongs to you, dear students. You have therefore, to prepare yourself for the active participation in the world you live in and have a say in the reshaping of men and women.

Try to excel in whatever you do always remembering that there is scope for continuous improvement. Make the best use of the facilities that your home, your school and your country provide to you. Inculcate in yourselves the habit of leading a planned life and form the habit of doing things regularly. Do not leave any work for tomorrow.

Accept each other regardless of difference in social and economic backgrounds, work together in companionship rather than compete against each other for rank and prestige. Demonstrate the sense of solidarity with the disabled and less privileged by taking responsible action in this regard.

This calendar has been planned with a view to help you in forming these habits of planned and regular work.

You should note down, after every period that home work assigned to you by your teacher.

Fix your hours of study at home. Do your home work regularly and revise the day's lesson.

The calendar contains other useful information which you should note and make proper use of. You must bring calendar to school daily and maintain it carefully.